Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lovibond Chart

By: Orion Chandler

This chart shows different colors of beer and how they correspond to the measurement of color in Lovibond.
This chart may help in the cloning of beers where the color can be examined in order to guess at which malts were used to make it. For example, Deschutes Brewery makes a beer called "Twilight Ale". This beer according to their website is made from only three malts. The total lovibond of this ale is around 5-8 Lovibond. Therefore, we know that the total amount of grain must not create a beer darker than this. If we add up the lovibond units of the malts we use to clone it this should give us an idea of the weights of the malts used. So, if using 1lb of 40 Lovibond crystal malt makes the color too dark, we know the malt amount must be scaled back a bit.

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