Friday, May 25, 2012

$30 Stainless Steel Hopback Design By Trigger

Post By: Orion Chandler

My original DIY Hopback for Under $20 article is just one possible way of many. I recently found a well written article detailing the construction of a hopback for under $30 using parts that are easily available. I thought I would give the folks from BrewGeeks a guest article for all of my readers. The design they show is very sleek and can be constructed to be airtight using soldered fittings and it boasts a nearly 100% stainless steel construction! The image above is a finished design of it. Please be sure to check out their original article for full construction details. Below is just a few of the many great pictures they have of the hopback in action!

Hops ready for steeping.
Hopback beneath brew kettle.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Force Carbonate Homebrew Without A Keg

How can I force carbonate my homebrewed beer without spending $35 on a keg? Spend $1 on a two-liter soda bottle instead, and $17 on a Carbonator Cap. There is a great video on Youtube for the construction of your own if you don't want to buy one here. The parts he recommends are food safe as the only part touching your beer will be chrome plated metal and a rubber seal. The image above is the force carbonation chart, the second image down is the Carbonator Cap.

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