Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lagunitas IPA Clone Recipe (Extract Version)

Finally a tested clone recipe for Lagunitas IPA! Side by side I really can't tell the difference between the real thing and this recipe. This is my third tweak of this recipe and after a blind tasting could not tell the difference between the clone brew and the real thing, cheers!

Lagunitas IPA Clone 5 Gallon (Extract Version)

Light DME 6.5lb
Cara-Pils Dextrin 1lb
Crystal 20° 1lb
Munich Malt (10L) 1lb
Wheat Malt .75lb
Crystal 60° .50lb

.25 oz Horizon 11% @ 60 mins
.15 oz Zeus 14.5% @ 60 mins

.75 oz Williamette 4.75% @ 30 mins
.50 oz Centennial 10% @ 30 mins

1 oz Cascade 5.75% @ 1 min

.75 oz Cascade 5.75% @ Dry
.75 oz Centennial 10% @ Dry

White Labs 002 English Ale @ 68° F.

OG: 1.060 - 1.065 with ~45 IBU's

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Has anyone brewed this recipe and tasted it? Let me know your thoughts for a closer clone recipe!


  1. Sweet, an all extract clone. Think I'll give this a shot, i assume this is for 5gal?

    1. Hey AyeJaye, this recipe is for 5 gallons, and it makes a very close clone to the real thing! Let me know how it turns out. Thanks for posting and reading my blog.

    2. Oh awesome, thanks for the response, I've been looking for a Heady Topper clone but, obviously, not happening. Check out - Sugarwater Brewing on FB, to check out what I'm up to.
      Thanks for the blog, anything new?

  2. Thanks for posting the recipe. Think I will give this one a try. With 4 lbs of specialty grain, what volume did you use to steep? And, was this for a full boil?

    1. wondering the same. full boil?

    2. Hey, I steeped in 7 gallons. 5.25 gallons is my target volume after boil. .2 gallon per pound of grain must be factored in for grain absorbtion, so this would be 4Lb specialty grain x .2 = .8 gallons, and finally my boil off rate is about 1 gallon per hour. So adding this all up (with a little rounding), my initial steep amount is 7 gallons. I also give a little squeeze once done steeping after 30 minutes. I steep at around 150-165 F, trying not to exceed 170 F as this may extract harsh tannins.

  3. Cool - thanks for replying back. Your recipe is similar to one I found on HomeBrewTalk, but that one was for a 5 gal target volume. I'm going to try it this wkd.

  4. If I do a partial boil, and top off in the fermenter, do I need to change anything? Increase hops? Also do the Wheat and Munich malt need to be mashed? I put this recipe into beersmith and they said abv would be 5.5%, is that accurate?

  5. I am so going to try this one. Anyone else brew it ? How does it compare with the original.

    Also I find a huge difference between kegged and bottled do you kegg ?

    Any All-Grainers ?


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