Wednesday, April 9, 2014

American IPA Whirlpool/Hopstand Tasting

American IPA using only whirlpool hops!
A few weeks ago I brewed an American IPA using Amarillo, Simcoe and Columbus hops. I recently had a chance to taste this beer and I have to say that it is by far the best beer I have brewed to date! The hop flavor is as though someone were grinding raw hop cones against my face! I can't tell you enough how hopstanding wort makes an amazingly fresh hop flavor stand out! Brewed near 175 degrees Fahrenheit, there is plenty of bitterness to this beer. The Simcoe and Columbus pair well to make a very piney beer while the Amarillo offers a sweet grapefruit component. Here are the tasting notes:

Cloudy and hazy with a soft gold/orange color. Little head retention, though I attribute this to the beer being pulled before carbonation in the keg was completed. I am actually suprised at how hazy this beer is after holding at 33 degrees Fahrenheit for almost 5 days. Maybe whirlpooling the hops constantly increases the amounts of undissolved proteins/dextrins?

Medium- body, not watery but just a step below an average ipa's body.

Aroma(order from strongest to least):
Crushed pine needles, resin, pine sap, marijuana, grapefruit, lemon peel

Intense bitterness(though this beer is still green) that lingers after an off-dry finish. With how bitter this beer is the slight residual sweetness balances it well. Little to no malt presence, this is a very very hop forward flavored beer! Citrus, pine and dank flavors last with a considerable finish. This is hands down the best beer I have brewed in my life. Take it from me folks, hopstanding/whirlpooling is the best method for retaining the delicate hop oil aroma and flavor. Cheers!

Find the recipe here, and please brew this, you will not be let down! If you brew it, let me know what you think in the comments below, cheers!

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  1. Hey Orion, I'm having huge difficulties with hopstands making any difference at all and I'm wondering if you could elaborate on your exact procedure here. What temperature was the wort when you added the hopstand hops, and did you do any stirring during the 60 minute stand? Did you try to maintain a constant temp during the hopstand or just let it fall naturally? Thanks for any advice...


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