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After earning my Bachelor's Degree in Fermentation Science from Oregon State University I quickly became employed as a full-time winemaker. Even before this however I had been brewing all grain for 10 years. I am a Realtor aswell and enjoy the creative challenges associated with negotiation and helping my clients buy/sell their homes. Many years ago, before becoming a Realtor I decided to document my journey through homebrewing by starting this homebrewing blog. Shortly after I realized there was a great group of craft beer lovers and homebrewers in Boulder, Colorado and quickly made many friends in the industry. Within a few months I decided to mix my business with my beer hobby and focus my efforts on real estate for the craft beer industry. The program has been far more successful than I had anticipated which has led me to brand myself as, "The Brewing Realtor". If there is a brew fest, bottle release or other beer related event you will probably see me there. If you know a brewer, bar or store owner or someone else in the craft beer industry please share my info with them – its easy just click the links below to send them on Facebook or email.

I primarily use the brew in a bag (BIAB) technique to save time and expense. My intention for this blog is to create batches of homebrew beer that are not only flavorful but commonly test some aspect of brewing through experiment. My favorite styles to brew tend to be pacific northwest hop bombs aswell as american style pale ales and american red ales aswell.

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